Body Painting

Jennifer Gaita Siciliano, the bodypainter


Pre-covid, Jennifer was a prominent face painter in the Tri-state area painting thousands of faces throughout the years at fairs, festivals, farms, special events, nightclubs, and private parties. She was well-known in Westchester County, NY for her Visionary Face and Body Art face painting booth.

She fell into bodypainting while painting kids into fairies and monsters. “When I started to broaden my skill set in the craft, I began going to people-painting conventions where I fell into the world of body painting and had the gift of learning from master artists. Although ancient in its roots, bodypainting was only an up-and-coming art form, and I was very lucky to learn from so many amazingly talented face and body artists, including World Champions: Lawren Alice, Yolanda Bertram, Mark Reid, Wiser Oner, Alison Kenyon, and Sean Avram.”

In the Summer of 2016, she was filmed by Refinery29 to bodypaint in a 90-minute live broadcast Facebook event with artists Andy Golub and Ben Moon, and was also featured on a You Tube series by Lucie Fink from Refinery29  called “5 Days of Productivity” in the episode: “5 Days of Art.” Jennifer painted senior editor Buck Wolf from the HuffPost in 2017 for HCA’s Halloween bodypainting float for the Greenwich Village Parade in NYC.

Jennifer used bodypainting as her main medium because she found that the experience of working with a model and being intimately involved in their space allows a genuine exchange to occur on fundamental emotional and mental levels. Says Jennifer, “The model, in allowing herself to become a work of art, graciously offers me the chance to act as healer through my touch of brush, and as confidante at the same time. The experience that results from this shared trust rests within a space that rewards both the painter and the painted in an unexpected empowering of the spirit.”

She appeared on Date Night with Connie and Chrissy, the popular Long Island web-based talk show, which aired on Cablevision on December 22, 2018. And on February 2, 2019 her bodypainting episode went live on Snapchat Discover under the network Sweet with 3.5M subscribers, called “Beauty Craze.”

Her awards in the bodypainting field include: 1st place in the 2012 International FABAIC Face Painting Competition and Top Five Finalist for the 2012 Illusion Magazine Face Painting Competition in Fort Lauderdale, FL; and both 1st place People’s Choice Award and 2nd place Judge’s Award at Gallery ML’s 2013 Body Painting Competition held at the 2013 Philadelphia Tattoo Arts Convention. She also was selected to compete in The 2016 International North American Bodypainting Championship hosted by Living Art America, held at the Greensboro Colosseum in North Carolina.

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