“Beauty Craze” from the Video Network “Sweet” on Snapchat Discover

When Tara O’Connell, Senior Producer of the video network “Sweet,” contacted me to see if I’d be interested in collaborating on a video series her team was launching on Snapchat Discover called “Beauty Craze,” I jumped at the chance. The series is hosted by drag queen and personality Kandy Muse and the channel has 3.5M subscribers and averages 2M uniques per episode and an average of 20M US views.

Tara and her team were looking to produce a Bob Ross body painting episode. Since his renewed fame with his series on Netflix, the beauty community has been replicating his looks in makeup form. Tara thought it would be fun to replicate one of his paintings but on Kandy’s entire body. We went with Bob Ross’ painting, “Under Pastel Skies.”

The video went live on Snapchat Discover on February 2, 2019, and can be seen below:

Part 2: Check out Kandy’s challenges with wearing my bodypainting as ze shuffles through NYC for the rest of the day…